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Desk Lights from AMJO
The ideal product that can be used as an SAD Light for treatment and then as a task/desk-light throughout the day!

UPLIFT TECHNOLOGY DAY LIGHT SKY (New for 2009/10): This is a beautiful, well designed SAD Light for use on your desk. It looks great in any environment. Your co-workers in the office won't know that you're SAD but they will be jealous of your desk light <CLICK HERE>
Naturebright PER2 The PER2 Deluxe Light Therapy Lamp is more than a light. It’s attractive and works as a light therapy lamp and a daily alarm clock. PER2, with its Naturalistic Dawn Simulation and Bright Light therapy mimics both the gradually increasing light of sunrise CLICK HERE

NORTHERN LIGHT SADelite: The SADelite has set the standard for desk lamps over 10 years and is still setting the standard today. With 10,000 Lux at 20" it is without a doubt the brightest of the bunch! It has a UNIVERSAL Power Supply and will work all over the world with voltages from 110V-270V - 50/60 Hz. CLICK HERE


SUNBOX DESKLAMP: Available in Black or White. The SunBox Company's Desk Lamp does not take a backseat to anyone. It's well designed, has indentations in its base for pencils and other small office items. No one will know you have a therapy lamp on your desk. Please Click Here For Details. CLICK HERE


UPLIFT DAY*LIGHT: The Up-Lift New Day*Light is listed as a light box but in many ways it is also in the Desk Light Class so we have included it here. Click on the photo to see info on this wonderful well thought out product. We like to think that it's brilliant in every way. CLICK HERE






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